The development of a new database of gas emissions in Italy:

in Italy: a collaborative web environment for gases (e.g., CO2, H2S) from natural emissionsSystems (GIS).The publication of data on the

Effects of H2S on CO2 gas exchanges and growth rates of the

Effects of H2S on CO2 gas exchanges and growth rates of the epiphytic lichen Parmelia sulcata Taylor. Symbiosis on ResearchGate, the professional network

paths in the Colli Albani volcano, central Italy: new

In the framework of a multidisciplinary project funded by the Italian H2S in a high gas/water ratio system and/or exsolution of H2S from

Real‐time measurement of volcanic H2S and SO2 concentrations

Sulphur speciation in volcanic gases acts as a major redox buffer, and H2SThe device was tested at fumaroles on Solfatara and Vulcano, Italy, in

of the Acqui Terme-Visone geothermal area (Piemonte, Italy)

solution as either H2S gas or mineral sul®des(Genoa, Italy, from Marini and Ottonello, 1997;system has a temperature of 120±1308C and is

The geothermal system of Mondragone plain (Campania, Italy)

gas (CO2, H2S), rising along the tectonic discontinuity NW-SE orientated and connected with the deep regional NE–SW fault system boarding the Mt Mass

Offshore and onshore seepage of thermogenic gas at Katakolo

201281-80%) includes toxic and lethal amounts of H2S gas fluxes by closed-chamber system in front of(Fig. 2c; West Systems srl, Italy) equipp

Continuous in-situ measurements of volcanic gases at Pis

gases at Pisciarelli-Phelgrean Field (Italy): H2S, CH4, N2, O2, Ar, He, and CO2 and due to atmospheric contamination of the system

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- Geochemist/Hydrogeologist/Petroleum Systems AnalystThe gases considered for the study included H2S,Exhibition held in Rome, Italy, 9-12 June 2008

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La Fossa Crater, Vulcano Island (Aeolian Islands, Italy)

Vulcano Island (Aeolian Islands, Italy), Geophys SO2 and H2S concentrations in gas effluents fromAll the system's components were located inside

Chemisorption |

removal of H2S and BTX ■ Flue gas cleaning Kitagawa precision concentration detector tube and in Italy (Livio de Santoli, AICARR, Italy)

of Extra-Ordinary Sources: H2S as a Probe of Dense Gas and

available as physical probes of molecular gas. the abundance of H2S toward the Orion hot core. Italy: ASI, IFSI-INAF, Osservatorio Astro

The geothermal system of Mondragone plain (Campania, Italy)

The geothermal system of Mondragone plain (Campania, Italy)ABSTRACT In the where the water is heated and enriched of endogenous gas (CO2, H2S),

of the petroleum system in the Northern Apennines, Italy

through the pore saturation by the fluids, in particular methane gas. H2S could enrich the dD content at low temperatures (Clark and Fritz,

optical sensing technologies for volcanic gas surveillance

sulphate in southern Italy (Graf et al., 1998)gases scavenged in hydrothermal system More soluble(Yes/No) Yes SO2, H2S, BrO Yes CO2, CO,

H2S at La Solfatara Crater (Campi Flegrei, Southern Italy)

Hg0 and H2S at La Solfatara Crater (Campi Flegrei, Southern Italy) and gas analyzer (Thermo Scientific Model 450i) to measure Hg0 and H2S,

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Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences Ground effects and

gases, diffuse H2S emanation from the soil, strong gas bub- bling in a (Italy) was a catastrophic event that pro-duced many effects such as

for a Classifier-Quantifiers Scheme in a Gas-Sensing System

Gas- Sensing System Article in International Italy bDepartment of Computer Science, UniversityH2S, CO, N Ox, N H3; in the second session

Sulfur Recovery Unit |

The tailgas, containing H2S, SO2, sulfur vapor,in Italy, says this about Sulsim Sulfur Recovery spectroscopic device often used as gas detector

hazard at the Baia di Levante area (Vulcano island, Italy)

(Italy), is presently characterized by active gases rising from the deep down, with a spatial atmospheric concentration of CO2 and H2S

The impact of a naturally occurring CO gas vent on the

95%) and trace reduced gases (CH4,H2S, and located in west-central Italy, is a large, equipped with a flame ionization detector

Dolomitization |

(ASPs) flooding, gas injection and thermal H2S (e.g. calcium silicate hydrates and calciumWell-known quarries exist in Italy, Turkey, and

The November 2002 degassing event at Panarea Island (Italy):

Southern Italy), a series of#13; gas vents (such as H2S, H2, CO and light hydrocarbons), features of the existing hydrothermal system