5.2.2 Comparison between Supercritical CO2-Brine and H2S-Brine Relative 80-86. 2. Kettel, D., 1983, The East Groningen Massif-detection of an

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-emitter based photoacoustic spectrometer for gas detection]

thus the optimum parameters of the photoacoustic cell and the IR filters were determined.The experimental results showed that the detection limits of 1.6×

Production of formaldehyde from carbon oxides and H2S

(H2S) comprising contacting the gas stream with or optimum at a temperature of about 325° C Using substantially the same equipment and

Einflu von Schwefel auf die Aufkohlung einer CrNiFe‐Legie

With the optimum H2S/H2-ratio experiments have been performed at aC > 1, in which the graphite formation on the metallic surface was suppressed

Optimum process for selective hydrogenation/hydro-

equipment piece count reducing the capital cost and providing the optimum H2S from this stream and this recycle hydrogen stream is mixed with make

Optimum Design of Lining in Electric Resistance Furnace

Optimum design, mathematical model and computer programming block diagram of lining construction are developed, and this optimum design is useful for


2003419-equipment in any of the relatively high sulfur vapor temperature within an optimum range. H2S, 19 percent C02, 0.4 per- cent COS,

in Hydrogen Sulfide on Optimum Reactor Temperature in

as this reduces the equipment size and provides sufficiently higher sulfur to seek the optimum operating temperature for high sulfur recovery from H2S

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detection, and monitoring to assure that there emissions, such as nitrogen, H2S, CO2, and , or manufacturing control of the equipment

Quartz-enhanced photoacoustic spectroscopy: a review.

used for the detection of the absorption signal. and derive conclusions regarding the optimum mR (ii) selecting molecules such as HF, H2S, OH,

Optimal operating conditions for H2S removal by an anoxic bio

201077-1, were liquefied at 420 °C using H2 and synthesis gas to determine the optimum beneficial amount of H2S in the batch autoclave reactor. Un

Selective H 2 S sensing characteristics of CuO modified WO 3

3.2. Sensing characteristics In order to determine the optimum conditions Gupta, Nano-crystalline Fe2O3 thin films for ppm level detection of H2S,

Visual Basic Simulation of H2S Removal from

acids are formed that can corrode pipelines and other processing equipment.The simulation results express the optimum depth for maximum H2S removal with

improvements in lignite liquefaction using CO and H2S

leading to process improvements in lignite liquefaction using CO and H2SOptimum distillate yields from US lignites can be as high on a dry, ash

Megasphaera paucivorans sp. nov., Megasphaera sueciensis sp

2008125-H2S Production of acetoin Desulfoviridin with an optimum at around 30 uC, but not atcharacterization and detection of Pectinatus spec

Tuned ivity towards H2S and NH3 with Cu doped barium

The optimumNH3ivity was attained with 0.1mol% Cu-doped BST whereas the selective detection ofH2Swas highlighted using 5mol% Cu-doped BST material

Determination of H_2S in Exhausted Gas of Stationary

[Method] Through ascertaining the optimum test parameters of chromatograph anddetection limit was 0.152 mg/m3.When the condition is CSO2 50 CH2S,

Motion Detection Based Interactive Surveillance Systems for

SINTESIS DAN STUDI KINERJA LIGAN H2AdBP dan H2SNilai pH ekstraksi optimum Y(III) dengan ligan

nanowire nanogenerator as a self-powered/active H2S sensor.

H2S sensor ARTICLE in PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL The optimum doped level of the Cu element in The limit of detection of 5 at% Cu–ZnO NWs

of CuO islands on SnO2 in the nano-scale range for H2S gas

level (20 ppm) detection of H2S gas as compared to other sensor Thus the sen- sor with 8 nm thick CuO islands offers optimum ivity

Plasma-Assisted Co-evaporation of S and Se for Wide Band Gap

is used for end-point detection.5 The This H2S equipment is capable of delivering H2S/optimal ICP pressure should be around ~160 mtorr