Radiation tolerant heterogeneous Multicore “system on chip”

MC-30SF6 based on a CMOS 180nm Radiation tolerant library and consists ofPetersburg, RussiaIEEESpacewire Conference

2011, 4 (1) 31-40 ISSN: 2095-1531 CN: 1400/O4

20101015-: Sergey Kazantsev(1971—), Moscow , Russia, graduated from MoscowSelf-sustained volume discharge in SF6-based gas mixtures upon

The Pechenga Ni-Cu Sulfide Deposits, Northwestern Russia: A

The SF6 gas eluting from the column was captured by diverting it together northwestern Russia: Insights from in-situ microbeam and nanobeam analysis

Diode laser studies of SF6 and NH3 molecules excited by

Diode laser studies of SF6 and NH3 molecules excited by intense IR Yu. A. Kuritsyn, Institute of Spectroscopy (Russia)G. N. Makarov,

Polyatomic Molecules: Raman Spectra of Highly Excited SF6

Institute of Spectroscopy, Russian Academy of Sciences, 142092 Troitsk, The IR MP excitation spectra of the SF6 molecule in the vibrational quasi

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País de publicação: Russia (Federation) Idioma: rus Tipo de publica Resumo: A dynamic, mechanistic model of the sulfur hexafluoride (SF6)

in animal asthma model induced by sulfur hexafluoride (SF6

reactivity in animal asthma model induced by sulfur hexafluoride (SF6-O2) Z. DoninaA. Storozhevykh (St. PetersburgRussian Federation)


of the 4th Korea-Russian Intern. Symp. of Science and Techn. KORUS-2000. — Ulsan, Republic of Korea, June 27-July 1, 2000. — Part 3: Mechanic

Glimpses of neurosurgery in Russia.

Glimpses of neurosurgery in Russia.The kinetics of the slow combustion of Addition of inert gases (He, A, N-2 and SF6) increased W-max thus

by stimulated photon echo technique in molecular gas

collisions in molecular gas SF6 and its mixtures with buffer gases He and Natalia N. Rubtsova, Institute of Semiconductor Physics (Russia) E. B

On the current density limiting effect in SF6-based mixtures

AE( General Physics Institute, RAS, Vavilov St.38, 119991 Moscow, Russia)SF6-based mixtures due to a self-action of the discharge current on the

Sulfur reduction from SF6 by pulsed electronic beam

N2-SF6The experimental research results of sulfur The data of gas mixture composition changes in aUniv., RussiaVlasov, V.APushkarev, A.I

List of countries by greenhouse gas emissions per capita

List of countries by greenhouse gas emissions 32 22 18 Russia 13.5 13.1 13.7 33 121 HFC and SF6 data are included for Puerto Rico

ion etching of silicon submicron-sized trenches in SF6/C2C

Reactive ion etching of silicon submicron-sized trenches in SF6/C2Cl3F3 ,RussiaD. FischerUniversity of Dortmund, LS-HFT, D-44221 Dortmund ,Germany

Global SF6 emission estimates inferred from atmospheric

(9) Cherskii, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Russia Sulphur hexafluoride (SF6) is one of the strongest greenhouse gases per molecule in the atmosphere

Influence of electrode spacing and gas pressure on parameters

during the nanosecond breakdown in SF6 and gas pressure on parameters of a supershort SB), Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), Russia

Codes Compared with SF6 Tracer Experiments at Regional Scale

(c) Figure 3: Comparison of SF6 concentration Nuclear Safety Institute of Russian Academy of >The results of four gas tracer experiments of

of two TEA CO2 lasers coupled via a nonlinear SF6 cell

Affiliation: AA(Institut Atomnoi Energii, Moscow, Russia), AB(Institut the pulses within a single gas-discharge chamber using an SF6-filled cell

Chemical HF laser with pulsed inductive discharge initiation

Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk 630090, as well as the composition of the gas mixtureFor the mixture of H-2-SF6 we have managed

Reliability of Gas Insulated Substations and Switchgears with

2003111-switchgears is preferable for the conditions of the power system of Russia. SF6 insulation Industry Sectors Energy, Utilities & Environme

Molecules. IR Multiple-Photon Absorption in SF6. 2. Theoreti

Institute of Spectroscopy, Russian Academy of gases and dilute solutions using transient SF6 molecule in the vibrational quasicontinuum (QC

Plasma chemical conversion of sulphur hexafluoride initiated

201681-gases were used in the electron beam.•The conversion of SF6+Ar (or "National Research Nuclear University "MEPhl", 636036 Seversk, Russi

HYUNDAI Electro Electric Systems HYUNDAI Electro Electric

SF6 Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) • Rated voltage: 24 kV, 25.8 kV Primorskiy krai, 692760, Russia Tel : 7-423-259-8540 Fax: 7-423-230

The possibility of and conditions for obtaining high energy

radiation emitted by a pulsed chemical HF laser utilizing an SF6-HI mixture Affiliation: AA(Inst. Atomnoi Energii, Moscow, Russia), AB(Inst. Atom

Low-k OSG damage and etching by F atoms at lowered temperatures

Russian Academy of Sciences, Troitsk, Russia 4 IMEC vzw, BE-3001 Leuven-SF6, 100 mTorr 13.56 MHz ICP plasma 200 W Grid to stop plasma

Model for Greenhouse Gases - Version 1.0: HFC, PFC AND SF6

The GAINS Model for Greenhouse Gases - Version 1.0: HFC, PFC AND SF6(39 countries including the European part of Russia) at around 87 Mt CO2

Runaway electrons preionized diffuse discharges in SF6, argon

diffuse discharges in SF6, argon, air and gases is possible due to the generation of the cheskii ave., 2/3, Tomsk, 634055, Russia

mirrors based on degenerate four-wave mixing in SF6, (33)

Russia)), AB(S. I. Vavilov State Optical Inst., St. Petersburg (Russia well known mirrors based on degenerate four wave mixing in ordinary SF6

Kiev Crisis 'Spinning out of Control' Russia Warns Europe Not