Effect of Hydrogen Bonding on Barrier-Free Proton Transfer in

The B3LYP gas-phase deprotonation enthalpies are Bowen KH Jr (2004) Isl J Chem 44:157–weak acids: (UHCN)- versus (UH2S)-

182 pp., $ 13.00E. Gileadi, Editor, Isl Journal of

Gileadi, Editor, Isl Journal of Chemistry Vol. 18 (1979) 182 pp., during the sol-gel processing of GeS2 from germanium ethoxide and H2S

Microelectrode studies of the photosynthesis and O2, H2S, and

of the photosynthesis and O2, H2S, and pH [hydrogen ion concentration] profiles of a microbial mat [of the hypersaline pond Solar Lake, Sinai; Isl

Characterization of supported rhenium oxide catalysts: effect

additives Brishti Mitra,a Xingtao Gao,b Isl (ultra high purity grade Linde gas) over the iTVlnyh2scOtelsu.5ds/pTeTdehicOeftor2adr eics

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systems, thereby inactivating the surfaces of the hydrogen sulfide (H2Smercaptansnatural gas Islson, G., Regenerable sorbent for natural

based on olfactometry measurements vs. theoretical H2S

theoretical H2S emissions Authors: Laor, Yael; Ravid, Uzi; Abbou, Yael; northern Isl (41,000 inhabitants; 7500 mday) which is located about

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ResumoO sulfeto de hidrogenio (H2S) e um gas incolor, de odor deAmaral, Salomon Isl doAlves, Carlos Alberto SilveiraLopes, Cicero Fidelis

Saline groundwater in Isl: its bearing on the water crisis

Isl: direct encroachment of sea water into the high H2S content (up to 48 mg 1-l) and According to Mazor (1972) rare gases such as

Eliminación de H2S en digestión anaerobia de lodos por

Eliminación de H2S en digestión anaerobia de lodos por procesos microaIsl Díaz VillalobosLaura García RodríguezRoberto Torío Acha

Start-up of microaerobic removal of H2S from biogas in full-

Start-up of microaerobic removal of H2S from gas by an indigenous microalgal-bacterial Isl DíazMaria Fdz-PolancoP. IcaranA. Poza

Primary Production

Intensive chemosynthetic microbial activity, fueled by H2S oxidation, was chemoautotrophic primary production across a transect in Lake Kinneret, Isl

Cost Reduction Gained by Automatic Tube Cleaning System (

Isl 73175, ABSTRACT (H2S) cooler in a H2S recovery process gas is cooled by water had suffered from

primary production in Lake Kinneret, Isl: A neglected

High chemoautotrophic primary production in Lake Kinneret, Isl: A neglectedIntensive chemosynthetic microbial activity fueled by H2Soxidation with disso

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Desulfurization for fuel cell systems using sulfur separating

Inventors: Islson, Gordon (Murrysville, PA, gas used as feed fuel for fuel cell system where organic S was converted to H2S and then

A review on prospects and challenges of biological H2S

201644-H2S removal from biogas with focus on bioa mathematical model to predict system performance.Isl DíazMaría Fdz-PolancoShahin Rafie

Environmental control on the occurrence of high-coercivity

201648- but due to the lack of sufficient H2S, as well as changes in the lacustrine system from Lake Kinneret (Sea of Galilee), Isl,

Low detection levels for odorants in air and drinking water

H2S, thiols and other reduced sulphur compounds. The gas permeable ammonia probe, in everyday An Overview of Relations Between Isl and

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Red tape stops Palestinians from joint peace sail to Egypt, Jordan with Isli sailors

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, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Isl. A source at z = z0 and the system of images(4p∣x∣), to derive the associated h2s(x),

Low Temperature Synthesis of NH3 from Atomic N and H at the

H2S, formed by surface reaction of Hads with SNH3 adsorbs molecularly from the gas phase, Isl TempranoStephen J. JenkinsDavid A. King


system; (b) a feed solution with an increased Dan Sprinklers, Kibbutz Dan, Isl verwendet den 1 ,8- fachen Wert im Vergleich zu 2H2S

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and prior to the gas conditioning system to allow analysis of the tar, Species H2 CO CO2 CH4 C2H2 C2H4 C2H6 C3H6 He N2 H2S Cold 32.21 19

The Genius of Isl

The Genius of IslUniversity of Chicago PressThe Journal of Religion

Interactions between Surface Vanadate and Surface Sulfate

or oxidative adsorption of either SO2 or H2S).array detector thermoelectrically cooled to -35 °Isl E. WachsThe Journal of Physical Chemistry